Physicist, Geologist, or Geophysicist? why not Geochemist?

In the first half of the twentieth century, geology was no longer at the center of scientific interest; the discovery of the subatomic world and the great intellectual achievement of quantum mechanics drew of the brightest young men and most of the money. Geologist became a somewhat isolated group cut off by their mounds of detail and their repulsive nomenclature from the mainstream of science. The geophysicist and the geochemist nibbled around the edge of the subject, but the central citadel or tectonics and stratigraphy remained largely untouched.



Furthermore, the outdoor, natural history aspect of geology had attracted mostly quiet, modest men whose image of themselves was not that of a tycoon manqué battling in Washington for money, ships, and explosions. Unlike the physicist, they did not have the experience of using the unlimited funds unlocked by wartime successes.


Text are quoted from *Petroleum and Global Tectonics*: edited by Alfred G.Fisher and Sheldon Judson, Princeton University Press, 1975.












My comment:

I feel, or to be more precise I see some innuendo here. Satire. Or perhaps sarcastically saying that geologist put envy to physicist?

For you who are Physicist, you should be proud to be who you are. For those who are Geologist, you also should give yourself credits; to survive all this period of time

For me, I choose to be a Geophysicist. Those who ‘nibbled’ around on the edges of the subject 


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