Sembalun Village, Lombok Island, Indonesia

Sembalun Village, Lombok Island, Indonesia

Sembalun village is located in the foot of Rinjani’s Mountain. The village itself divided into two part, the first is Sembalun Lawang (Lawang means door, opening in Sasak language) and Sembalum Bumbung. The picture shows Sembalun Bumbung village taken from a hilltop near the village.

People here mostly work as farmer. Some of them go abroad an work as daily labour. While the men went to the farm, the wife work in their home with other wife in their surrounding area. They use to make food together and cook them and made a meal for the family.

Native people here called the Sasak tribe.  The language is a mixture from Sundanese, Javanese and Balinese language. some words have similiarity but sometime have different in meaning. I give one example of the word “hirup“. In Sundanese, Javanese it means life. Balinese doesn’t have that word, they have urip or nyeneng. The Sasak people have their own words that the other languag doesn’t have such as “sai” (sa-ee) which mean “siapa” in Bahasa Indonesia or “who” in English and “side” (see-the) which mean “kamu” in Bahasa Indonesia or “you” in English. So if you want to ask “who are you?/ what is your name?”, you can ask them ” Sai side?”.

Near this village, there is a point of view spot called Pusuk. from Pusuk, you can see South to the village is located and to the North you can see towards Sebau hot spring. The Sebau hot spring are quite famous amongs tourist and in holidays, the place is more crowded than regular days.

The roads here are narrow and curvy so it takes extra caution to drive in these area. if you think you need guide or driver to show you aroung, therea many option that you can get in local toursm information agent. 

One thing to remember, you need more than one week to explore the whole island because there is so much thing to explore and see. I haven’t mention the famous Gili’s and Senggigi Beach or Kuta Beach but i will write them on different article. Explore Indonesia!



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