Respond to “Ingress Tips Part 4 : Cheaters, How to Know and Deal with Them”


pingback :

Well this is a good post to read for you who recieve activation code from Google or verified players. This should be consider as “field guide” written by real players. Too bad so little respond and comments made in this post, but that’s not the issue. the main issue is what you wrote here is true and many players out there use those methods, from both faction. But it seems many cheater out there are learning from his/her eldery player. Imho, spoofing or other type of cheating are thought to new player to make them easier to gain their level. I could say that because of my observation on the situation on the field.

Meeting up with other faction player near your target portal makes you knew them, be able to chat with them and makes new friends. But many times i only found words on comm that says ‘I’m not there anymore’ or ‘got to go’ or things like that. So that the chance meet up with other players are little. And many thinks that they are spoofer or try to cheat by any kinds of way. Cowardness. That is the main issue.

Like you said, Catalystro..cheater are the lowest kind of being that exist in this world


] Naujju [


ps: i can’t post my comment so i wrote this post on my blog so that people can read your posting. Hope you don’t mind


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2 Responses to Respond to “Ingress Tips Part 4 : Cheaters, How to Know and Deal with Them”

  1. catalystro says:

    thank you for your kind review and reply ^^
    I hope that the point that ‘this is a game’ still clear in our mind
    although we agree that cheaters always make the game worse.. and even be like hell
    and the point about ‘friendship’, ‘explore’, and ‘experience’ is the main goal of this game.. we know that not all people realize this.. and some are also too stone-headed to try to understand..
    the best that we can do is keep our idealism on the ToS, have a fun play, and respect others.. including in faction friends, opposing faction friends, and bystander :)
    happy ingressing ^^


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