Persons I’ve met

Nice tune for today. Good vibe.
Let’s  high with a triple shot. (Bogor)
People mingle down at this coffee shop
Talking.. Laughing… Smiling… (Jakarta)

Sometimes I saw a girl
Smoking alone in the corner
But she was not alone actually
A girl never alone in this life (Bogor)

That boy staring at the street
Waiting for his family
But he knows one thing
He was alone. (Gaza)

The man leave his house and going to depart to Bali. His going to stay and work there.

Wanita ini tak suka dipanggil wanita
Maka mulai sekarang kita panggil ia perempuan
Ia begitu bahagia… Ternyata
Memang demikian lah ia melewati hidup yang hanya sesaat. Dua tertawa… Disana..
Very swing swing. Lssd. (JKT)


About tuanjuan_

i'm a geek who love adventure
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