This is a good cause. Let us help..Wanna join us?



Help animals to back to their nature, it help to remain our diversity in Indonesia. Help turtles, help the sea lives, help our diversity.

Recently I was very sad because a friend brought some sea turtle eggs to be eaten with other friends. I’ve said that turtles are protected animals and of course eating turtle eggs is a criminal offense. Well, that is such as a reality that exists in Indonesia, whereas chicken eggs have a lot on the market is certainly affordable and legal. So hearing and knowing there was turtles conservation in Pangandaran, I immediately agreed to visit friends of nature.

Many children turtles in conservation was cultivated and later they would be sent back to the sea. Releasing children turtle is certainly helping to regenerate the turtles in the sea. This conservation also reduces the risk of many turtle eggs stolen for eaten or sold abroad. Until a certain age, children turtles are…

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