Travelling is a privilege for a few with the right passport

Well said .. Travelling is a basic need for human. Even though you don’t have the money nor the time to fulfill your agenda, but going from places to another places that is new for you show that you put an effort to make your dreams come true. Little by little they all will come together. You just need to be patience and keep on moving.

Hello World

I love travelling, being able to go to foreign countries, getting to know the people, the culture and being a cosmopolitian, that’s what fulfills your life, makes you an experienced and open-minded individual. Though I haven’t travelled a lot yet, I do have some places on my agenda. I would love to be in Israel, Marocco, New Zealand, Australia and almost all the Latin American, African and Asian countries. I am thankful that life is a long journey and there is enough time to be in all of these wonderful places, discover the world and be, just be and nothing else. So, this is my dreamy, romantic head having a certain kind of opinion about the wonderful world around me, feeling free to explore, be restless, wanting and demanding and having a free spirit.

But I do know, I did not always think like this about travelling. It was not…

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