Not intimate

cerita september

With you, I don’t felt the excitement to explore. All the feeling goes numb and it leads to body enjoyment, no more. I like you but I don’t feel the click between us. It’s like plain bread served with nothing. No fun, no laugh and no satisfaction in the end. Only guilty conscience took the stage. Too bad though, if we had the thing, we could be awesome. Spent 2 days in la-la land and going to never-never land as our destination.

That’s it. We will never be together. You and I lived in two different world. All the joy that you think would make us happy is just in your imagination. It will never worked.

Try harder you think. Always try harder and give a second chance to anything cause you are sure that everything is happen for a reason. And this time, everything happens too fast. Let’s slow our pace for a while now and see what happen.

You and your double standards are making me sick. Enough already. Stop trying and stop with the attitude. Just face it, something in this world that you can’t have. Admit it and move on. You really makes things harder… Its so you.

Me? What do I do? I believed at something and it’s annoyed you? How come you forgot the word ‘compromise’?  Not ALL think the way you do. When you realize this, everything will be too late. People tends to let go the things that made them unhappy. So, what’s your going to do about it?

Nothing. I’m just going to talk with my self and think all over again.

Well that for sure, look what you’re doing now.

Now? What am I doing?

You’re talking to a mirror, that’s what your doing.

So, you are..?



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i'm a geek who love adventure
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