Hoping to Die

People fail to realize that there is depression and there is suicidal. To me suicidal is the point you reach when you just don’t care. You could give a shit less about heaven or hell, they are one and the same because your life has become a living hell. It doesn’t matter how many “do gooders” speak soft words in your direction, you only see darkness.

Source: Hoping to Die


Good reads in the morning to start your day isn’t it?

Feeling depressed or suicidal, what does it makes? Only you who knew what it feels deep down inside. People will try, and try to understand. They come and go as many time as they like. Sometime we just don’t care about it. All we do is cherish the moment that we have with them especially the good times. For the bad times, well let’s just say we can ignore it. Learn it. Remember it. Don’t fall into the same hole for more than three times. Yeah, three is enough for tolerance, I think.

One is never enough,we are human being. Be honest for yourself. Better alone and move on if you think you are holding your principal. Don’t torment yourself with guilty feeling that others influence you to feel it. You are the one who walk the road and if you have someone to share with, that would be great. But if it’s not then there is nothing to worry about.

They will come at last. ..15 - 1 (2)



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4 Responses to Hoping to Die

  1. This planet of free-will is challenging..some souls feel they can’t handle it..n so suicide becomes their escape path..which of course doesn’t really solve issues.


  2. Thank you for the linkback and the share! I appreciate the read as well!


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