[opinion] Is it safe?


What is truly happened?

Last week I was in Bali for an interview with one of the travel company and after that I made an appointment with my friends in one of the fast food restaurant. It is Saturday night and people are hanging out with their friends and try to enjoy their moment together. Many of them are only teenagers and several are husband and his spouse with their kids. It is just an ordinary Saturday night in the most crowded island with local tourist and foreigner. We sat in one of the corner of the room, and talk. We talk about many subjects, from the latest news about this nation until about our personal lives. We, whom never met before in real life, have different backgrounds, different tribes and also different religion, share our thoughts freely.

One topic is still bothering me, which is about the confrontation between two mass organization that want to rule in Bali. The Laskar Bali and Baladika. One question that is still bothering me until today, “Are they forget about Pancasila?? About our history?” It is like a civil war is going on in Bali. They able to cover up this news so that the government in the capital didn’t notice about this issue too deep. Because we all know, if the politician and the media went through to this case, the tourism in Bali will collapse. Tourist will fled and no income for the people of Bali. At least that is the most common thing that will happen. This news need some more digging up to do so that more information will create facts. Here are two links about the action happened in Bali last year.

One thing or sure, the media in Bali aren’t open about this issue. They try to cover up so that one or two people that is involve, and i think they have high ranks in the Bali government. Still not enough evidence to speak more about this. This is only the beginning.



What makes me more concern is the reaction from my friends. They seems so scared about it and choose not to  give more comment about the issue. It seem they choose to live on and make money rather than try to speak their mind about it. Well, I know it is a matter of choice but we all have conscience about this kind of things. When you see the news and you see bodies everywhere, cover with blood and their inside organ spill to the street, not a beautiful sight. I know this happen at the end of 2015, but until now, the society are still afraid.

Mbok Wayan, one of Denpasar citizen said “They try to take my husband and made him one of them (Laskar Bali) and my husband brother is a member of Baladika. So, her husband told the persons that ask him to join their mass organization to walk away and leave him be. This family courage needs to be an example for other citizen.




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