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There are so many topics in life that can be a great article to read by many, but love and pursuing happiness will be two topics that is excite most of the people.

L. O. V. E.

And all its intriguing drama šŸŽ­ will always become a part of human life. From Cinderella to Prince William, from Dayang Sumbi to Dasamuka, all of them are showing their love, which can be interpreted in many ways from readers pov, and can be adopt as a life lesson to all.

H. A. P. P. Y

… Is one tricky feeling, tbh. Why so? Everyone has their own personal perspective about it. So, if we add all the people in the world and multiply it with kinds of happiness then we get an extraordinary number of happiness. That’s why it is an important thing to comprehend, because it’s something that you, and you alone will understand.

Am I making any sense?

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